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So I have a new idea: A mobile bike repair service in Provo. I took the Xtracycle off of David's bike for him, then thought that it would be pretty awesome to have a mobile bike repair service that traveled by bike. So I strapped the Xtracycle onto my ol' Park Pre frame, got it up and running, and then strapped all my tools and bike stand onto it. Now it's a mobile, agile, bike repair vehicle. I even made a Some Guy Mobile Bike Repair website, and a Facebook Fan Page for it. So if you like me, don't forget to reblog me.

I'm headquartered at:
Some Guy Bike Repair, 476 N 200 E, Provo, UT 84606 (801)872-4531


VBW said...

Hey if I run into on the road, I may feel obligated to break my bike just so's you can fix it.

You should write more often.

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joven said...

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