a quick moment in irony

from the people who are angry that "money from hard working people gets given to lazy people who are poor" comes a corporate bailout to the tune of $700,000,000,000. It's taking $2333 from each hard working american man, woman, and child(it's about $10,000 from the average household) and putting it in the pockets of investors and banks who purposefully made high-risk decisions. People who have been making hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars from their decisions. They're who the american people need to sacrifice for. Damn those welfare queens to poverty and death, they should just get a job. 


call it off

Today was one of the most genuinely great days of my life. Waking up this morning to the sunlight through my small window, I had no premonition of greatness. I didn't think it would be much more than a trudge through class, then work, then class, then homework, and then maybe a bike ride in the evening. That's the magic of the world though. It doesn't have to warn you, and it's probably better if it doesn't. I have no more consumer debt. Or fossil fuel powered transportation. It's liberating. It's one of those positive moments that I want to be able to look back on, so bear with my giddiness. 

Feeling free is the best feeling that you can have, I think. And being able to feel free with your friends, not having to escape them to feel free, is great. I think that is the appeal of the Gospel for me, when you are really doing things right, you really do feel free. More free than any other experience that exists. Add some fresh air, and you might never stop smiling. 

The weather has been perfect lately. I'm learning more interesting things than I ever thought that I could in college. The world is a pretty interesting place, even when it's having problems. 

Riding bikes is pretty much the best, and it barely even costs money. You just have to eat more pitas and hummus than you normally would. The colors are starting to change outside. I'm not sure if you've noticed or if you're too busy reading your rss feed, but you should really go outside and check them out. At night, it's starting to get cold enough that you don't feel your fingers if you stay out for too long. The days are getting shorter and sweeter. They aren't brisk yet, not by any means, but they are more pleasant. Look around; I just did and I wish that someone had reminded me to earlier. 

Take some more pictures and share them with me. I want to see your life. I want everyone to see how great everyone else's life is. Even when they're hard, there's a lot of greatness, of magnanimity in everyone.