weekend warrior, the conclusion

we watched ratatouille on saturday night before 

on sunday we went to sacrament meeting with my dad and stepmom. it's strange only now to realize that the occasions that warrant my saying "my parents" are very few and far between. the last one was when i got home from my mission. the next and possibly last one will be when i get married. that's for another time though. we got to the chapel as the sacrament hymn was being sung by the congregation. i was glad that i wouldn't miss the sacrament after having missed it in moab by being in the foyer. it was quantitatively the most boring meeting that i have ever attended. we left after sunday school in order to get to my mom's for lunch. the food was good as well as the company, but we hit the road in order to spend as little time as possible driving in the dark. 

as we climbed into the rockies i felt frustrated at being forced to move again, for the sixth time since i got home from brazil. for the first time in my life, i felt a strong desire to just settle down. my mood improved as we drove however, the weather and the experience allowing me to lighten up. when we passed grand junction the wind started to pick up, slowing the car down as we drove into it, head on. cresting the hills that separate utah and colorado, it seems that gauze had been pulled over the landscape. dust, picked up by the high winds, made a sort of desert haze that 
thickened as we descended into the valley toward green river. 

we couldn't resist stopping in thompson springs again to take spooky pictures of the thick dust's effect on the town. i drove on, and soon we were descending the canyon once again, seeing the lights of utah valley swing into and out of view as we curved along the turns. i didn't really have a place to stay, so i called hawkins, but i knew it would all work out, and soon i would be enjoying another utah summer.

whew, glad  that is over. i am going to start a triblog( tripblog) and anyone who wants to write trip reports will be invited to contribute, otherwise i'll just post mine there, so that they don't clog up this blog. thanks for reading


weekend warrior, pt. trois

on saturday afternoon we drove to thornton, taking the tollway. i handed my cup of change to brittany and asked her to pick out change to pay the tolls through to thornton. after a few seconds she squeaked and grabbed her finger, i had forgotten to tell her that there were some razor blades that i had put into the cup for lack of a better storage locale. we both laughed and she had a little cut on her index finger that she would use later in the trip to make fun of me. it took much less time than i had thought to get to my dad's. 

my dad and gail welcomed us to the house and worried if i still liked chinese food since i had become a vegetarian. i allayed his fears and we set off for

 "united chinese restaurant 
n sushi"

just a few blocks from my dad's house in thornton, a town which doesn't really have a downtown. the food was good at the restaurant and the fortune cookies were vaguely mean spirited. brittany's read "if it seems that the fates are against you today, they probably are" which i thought was more of a misfortune cookie. after the united food, we chatted and felt the cool of the air conditioning in the back of the room. i suddenly wanted ice cream. the weather that day was so warm and pleasant that it just felt like the right thing to do. on the way to the ice cream place i remembered that i had left my windows down and my laptop sitting on top of everything that i own in the backseat. i didn't worry much, it's not as though the car was downtown. i got a large serving of sweet cream with blueberries and ate it all up, though i had already eaten a lot at the chinese place. it felt good to be out of town, good to relax, good to eat ice cream. 

no time to blog today really, but the weather was pleasant, and i saw good friends and ate good food. and there isn't much more you can ask for than that in the world. 


weekend warrior, pt. deux

my mom was surprised to see us, i had told her two nights before that i wouldn't be visiting colorado during the gap between the end of ski season and the start of classes. i hadn't been planning it then. she was happy to see me, though and had a lot to talk about and worry about. i texted mike drennan to see what he was doing, i knew he was in denver but would most likely be in bars all weekend, and with the weather how it was i didn't want to be inside more than i had to. at my mom's i soon got restless and we decided to go get ice cream and a movie to bring back to the house. we picked up ice cream on sale, i had left my wallet in the car so brittany picked up the bill for it. across the parking lot, blockbuster had posted signs advertising the release of juno, which neither of us had seen since christmas time. it seemed a good choice, light and fun, in the spirit of the trip. 

getting back to the house, i scooped ice cream into big bowls and turned on the movie. my mom laughed harder than i had expected her to, and i enjoyed the movie as much as i had the first time. afterward i went to my room, preserved with all of my things on shelves and the same furniture that i assembled eight years ago. i'm not sure why my mom always keeps a room for me. i think it may just be an external expression of her desire for me to move home and help her out. i don't think that will work out. 

saturday i woke up to the sun on my face, i had forgotten to close the blinds when i went to bed. i rolled around for a few minutes, hoping to fall asleep again but it wasn't to be. i stood up and stretched in the sun, feeling its warmth on my face and neck, happy to be alive. soon i had showered and was ready for the day, so we left the house to get breakfast in louisville before going to boulder for the morning. i had forgotten how happy pearl street is on a warm april morning. street musicians and performers abounded, a guy selling veggie hot dogs sat in the shade, and we walked, taking pictures and making jokes about hipster heaven. my mom went into one store, and britt and i continued exploring the shops that advertised themselves as "locally owned" and "free trade." 

at noon or so we all met and walked east on pearl until the walking mall ended, and kept on, looking into the same small shops selling arts and craft and bicycles. i sat on a bench in front of a pharmacy and felt like the world was a wonderful place to live, regardless of current problems. it felt good to breathe deeply and relax after stress from work and money and everything else in the world. i realized that we had only paid for two hours of parking and needed to go back to the car, about eight blocks away. we left pearl and walked up spruce to avoid dawdling. i was relieved when i saw that nothing was on the windshield, and felt a little silly for hurrying when i saw that we had forty five minutes left on the meter. mom put the top down and we headed for the lunch.

whole foods in boulder is probably the most legitimately granola store in the united states. from the employees to the customers, dreadlocks and patchouli abound. the deli has as many tofu items as meat ones, and the tofu ones seem prepared with a bit more love. we ate lunch and drank virgil's root beer, feeling slightly on display as all the customers walked past the tables. 

sunday will be a wednesday blog. oh and since it is tunesday, you really should listen to dj never forget. 


dedicate 40mb or so of your hard drive to this mix, you won't regret it. 


weekend warrior

this would be the second weekend in a row that i spent out of provo, but it felt right to leave. thursday night, at marni's party i invited her and brittany to come along. marni had other commitments, but britt could come, so i cajoled her into leaving town with me. i slept at dave hawkins house and slept in before going to breakfast with him at village inn. for some reason memories of mission ideas and stories kept coming to mind, so we talked about them. christian was getting married soon, dave was thinking about marriage, and it seems that i am the only one without any marriage prospects on the horizon. that's all right though, i'm more worried about losing friends than gaining a wife for the time being. all of my friends at byu were stressed about finals and final papers. it's surreal to be on vacation when everyone you know is at their most stressed. i felt happy that i wasn't worried, but excited to start school again. 

i unloaded the front seat of my car at my new apartment, but left the rest of my belongings in the back seat and the trunk. just about everything important to me in the world was in that back seat, from clothes to journals to books. i didn't worry too much about theft, most of what i hold dear has little monetary value. brittany called me at twelve forty five and said that she was ready to go, so i headed straight for her apartment and left my guitar there to make some more room in the back seat for her stuff. when she asked what our plans were for the weekend i answered honestly: i had none. the most important part of the trip for me was already happening. packing up, leaving town and knowing that there is an open road ahead bring me a relief that is hard to explain. once we got to denver we would figure it out. the weather was forecasted to be beautiful, and boulder is a great town to visit when it is beautiful out. 

i had never really spent time alone with brittany, but road trips are as good a time as any to deepen a friendship. seven hours when talking and not talking are equally comfortable. we spent some time discussing our families, and some time just being excited about nice weather and road trips. when i turned from us-6 onto i-70, i remembered thompson springs, the nearly deserted town between green river and fruita. we stopped to take pictures, examining the deserted motel and the disconnected railroad switch for a deserted train station. the weather was unbearably beautiful. i took about fifteen pictured, brittany had more film and took more. about half an hour later we were back on the road. 

when i left the highway in grand junction the sun was still high in the western sky, but i knew it wold disappear quickly as we climbed into the rockies through glenwood canyon. i put gas in the car and calculated our mileage, and old habit that is mostly for self gratification. on the road again i didn't feel much desire to speed, so we cruised along at eighty or so the rest of the way. in glenwood i told brittany stories from this same trip, not thinking that i was a part of a future story right then. soon after we passed copper mountain i was alone with my thoughts since britt sat in the passenger seat, eyes closed, taking even breaths. i thought of parents and siblings, relationship attempts, money, school, friends and more. the great appeal of a road trip for me is the chance to spend a few hours doing nothing but thinking. a few hours without internet, phone service, or talk radio, just music and thoughts. some people have therapy, i have the outdoors and a four door. 

i woke brittany up when we crested lookout mountain, and pointed out the clear air and the lights of denver. leaving the interstate, i steered the car onto ward road, cruising through dark, empty fields barren of light. as we crested hills the lights of boulder appeared and disappeared, but the stars were always visible over the dark flatirons that guard the front range of the rockies. soon we arrived and parked in my mother's driveway. sore legs, but happy hearts to have arrived with such nice weather on the way

to be concluded





should i keep blogging every day? 


moving out, moving on

today i packed up all my things and am leaving the house. i'm not sure where i am going to stay, and my trip to moab got cancelled when everyone else that was going also cancelled. not too fun to go by myself. maybe i'll go to colorado. 

there's an interesting feeling to moving, i've been moving every 8 to 12 weeks for the last three years and i think that i should have gotten used to it but still have not. you feel slightly displaced, a little bit sick to the stomach, and figure that you just have to grin and bear it. just about everything that i own is now packed and sitting in my car, which is in the garage of the house that i no longer call home. i've got a few more things to pack, like my router, and my guitar, and my mirror, but everything is pretty much done. i wish that i could settle down for a little while but i haven't been able to yet, i think it reflects everything else in my life right now. i'm constantly reinventing myself, and i guess i keep reinventing my surroundings as well. 'slife i guess. 


writing wednesday

in price we stopped for food and gas, and mary threw up in the bathroom. something she ate must have been bad. members of the caravan milled around the convenience store pointing out funny glasses and foods until everyone was ready to get back on the road. tr left our car and we got vicki in trade. it was mostly quiet in the car from price to i seventy, where we turned off toward moab and the canyonlands. i regretted that i didn't bring my camera. through the sunroof and windows thousands of stars were visible, i spotted orion, cassiopeia, bootes, canis major and other constellations as we buzzed through the desert. 

a few miles away from the canyonlands i started playing really exciting music, because it was really exciting to see how close we were to our destination. soon we would be camping under the stars, enjoying the warm weather and winding down after a long winter. everyone in the car was dancing and we passed the others with the windows down and the volume up. we arrived at the campsite to find some more friends who had bought firewood already. the campground was on blm land, which has strange restrictions and fees, but we all pulled in and parked without thinking too much about it. we regretted that the next morning when the site manager came to inform us that we had taken a reserved campground, and payment was required before sleeping. 

we laid out our thermarests and sleeping bags under the moon and starlight, not having expected the cold that shocked us when we opened our car doors. the moon blocked out a lot of stars, so we tried to sleep without much talking. everyone near me woke up about two hours later when the moon had set and the milky way was beautiful and bright in the sky. we talked and joked and watched the diurnal motion of the stars as they spun around the pole star. soon i was cold enough that i got into a doubled up sleeping bag with randy and mary, and we all warmed up significantly and slept til morning. 

at seven randy and i got restless and started moving, getting out of the sleeping bag and pouring cereal before we remembered that we hadn't gotten spoons, though we had remembered to buy bowls. i slurped down one bowl of fruity pebbles before we discovered that some of the other members of the party had snagged spoons at wendy's before leaving salt lake. i took one on the condition that i return it after i was done. distance from civilization causes some strange scarcities. forgetting something simple most times means you just won't have it at all.

vicki and her gang woke up about an hour after we had and immediately wanted to leave for a hike in the canyonlands. we were significantly slower than they were in leaving the campsite, mostly because we didn't see a reason to rush. the entrance fee to the canyonlands was ten dollars, and we regretted it almost as soon as we had paid. we got to the trailhead where the others had told us to meet them and walked in about a quarter mile to reach the mesa arch, which has a beautiful view of the park. it's an arch that sits at the edge of a 200 foot precipice that extends several hundred yards in each direction. i really wanted to rappel down but we had neither equipment nor willing participants. 

we walked back out on the trail, joking about the intensity of the hike, which was mostly meant for tourists, not the big tough outdoorsy group that had come on this trip. as soon as i got in the car, tr wondered aloud where his camera was, then realized that he had left it in his pack, all the way back at the arch. luckily it was only a half mile walk to get it back and he was soon coming over the crest, with a silly grimace on his face. randy's car was almost out of gas when we headed for the gemini bridges. 

next time: riding on the mini minivan's bumper


oh, it's tunesday again!

hey thanks for coming to my blog, i really appreciate it. i hope you are enjoying it as much as i am. before i begin this post, here are a few important questions:

was nineties radio rock as good as it seems now, or is it just nostalgia? here is a list of several songs that were very popular in their time, when you read the names did you want to hear the songs?

matchbox 20- push
tonic- if you could only see
nada surf- popular
the wallflowers- one headlight
the verve pipe- the freshmen
blur- song 2
the mighty mighty bosstones- the impression that i get
sugar ray- fly
harvey danger- flagpole sitta
natalie imbruglia- torn
duncan shiek- barely breathing
foo fighters- everlong

if you do want to hear them i will post them on my blog for you to enjoy

to introduce you to a band that i really like, their name is cut copy, and they are highly bloggable. i don't know their lead singer like i do the guy from last tunesday but that does not inhibit the amount that i like them. here are some reasons that i like cut copy

  • they sound like they are from the eighties but not in a sucky way
  • they have synthesizers and drum machines and know how to use them
  • they have really great album art

  • they are fun, and will probably be pretty famous real soon

listen to that track ok, i like summer a lot


which means you get it when i'm around

a rough draft

at around two o'clock i was in the locker room, packing my locker and thinking about everything that i had done and learned over the course of the season. the people i had met, the days of deep snow, the changes that were coming. randy showed up and i made the decision to go south, in search of warm weather and new friendships. we made slow progress toward salt lake city, not due to traffic but rather to stops. when we got to the house, i immediately left to buy a shirt that i would wear for the rest of the trip. being in a hurry was silly, we wouldn't leave until almost six o'clock. 

when i returned to randy's he was about packed up and was loading the car. we went to REI and returned some used camping gear and headed for vicki's house, but they weren't quite ready. Randy drove to smith's for groceries, and he was hungry, so we wandered around the store for about half an hour until we had a hodgepodge of breakfast foods and drinks for the trip and moab meals. when we arrived at vicki's again they were impatient to leave though they hadn't been ready to begin with. we piled into cars with little extra space and hit the highway. traffic was bad through the city, but soon enough we were in provo and picking up more people and things. 

i called cory from lehi and asked him to bring me shorts and sunglasses. he met us in a church parking lot where we were getting more people and was headed to spanish fork in a hurry. i hadn't met anyone but randy until that afternoon. tr was in the car with us from salt lake and we picked up mary and crystal in orem. randy drove with little haste to south provo and we met john and jill, transferred the largest, heaviest gear to their mini-minivan and were ready for the road. we still had to stop at the springville wal-mart for some reason, but after that it was smooth sailing until price.


mobile blogging: i'm on the way to moab right now, blogging from a wireless card in a laptop. weird!


this post actually doesn't exist in the space time continuum

blogging about blogging. this actually is proven by science and charts to cause the internet, the blog on which it is written, and all nearby neighborhood blogs to fold in on themselves and collapse into what is tentatively being called a "BLOGK HOLE." 

why do i think that blogging is so great? because it makes me think that my ideas have value. and that value is for me personally. it's not tangible, but simply a happiness i feel to see that people read my blog and read others' blogs. lots of things in life are highly bloggable, and not just bloggable but talkable and awesome and i am glad that people write down the things that they think are interesting for the whole internet to see.  i think it is interesting that i type only 51 words per minute according to a test that i took on this here internet. that may not be interesting to anyone else but maybe it is. that is why blogging is so important. that one guy who thinks that my typing speed is important is now satiated. all thanks to this little marvel of technology.

and just to start the chain reaction, here is a picture of my blog...ON MY BLOG


the hype machine

i'm fascinated by the way that "buzz" works. a band that i like, called justice became popular in no small part due to bloggers. before the advent of the internet, and smart p.r. firms, "buzz" was generated when one friend alerted another about something enjoyable or interesting and it circulated within that group, ad infinitum. buzz on the internet is now a completely different animal. the most interesting facet of this to me is aggregators like the hype machine. and what is interesting about the hype machine is that it isn't just a blog aggregator, it is a popularity contest for new bands. and it's a good one. it turns out that what a large portion of the internet finds bloggable is generally very good music. case in point: the most popular bands of 2007. here is the list of the top ten:
Arcade Fire
LCD Soundsystem
The National
Of Montreal

i've heard all of these bands and like all of them. except of montreal, but 9/10 is not bad considering the hype machine is completely objective, simply aggregating popularity. now, these aren't the billboard top ten, or even close to it, but just about everyone who is a part of the online music "scene" knows these bands.

i [HIGHLY REC] visiting the hype machine's popular tracks page every day



oh so clever, tuesday will be a day for music blogging. because i have never blogged about them, this tuesday will be about the kid-you-nauts. everyone knows that i love david hawkins, and i love his music. i'll give a few reasons

  • it's carefree, much like college and summer
  • davey and his friends are great performers.This doesn't have to do with musical talent(which they have) as much as showmanship. on stage they have a lot of energy, and they don't care who sees it. it's refreshing to see them and how not self conscious they manage to be. there is no "uh, this next song is" or "i wrote this song about" or "this is a new song." they play their hearts out and it's a performance that you can get into.
  • there is an accordion involved
  • there are bass solos
  • the lyrics are unapologetic and may seem childish at times, but then grow up very suddenly. the contrast is refreshing.

here is a song

the kid you nauts - don't snack on my cheese



BYU study shows bear pepper spray a viable alternative to guns for deterring bears

Also found spray residue actually attracts bears


Both of us had stayed up late on Thursday night watching movies, he gangs of new york, I before sunrise, and i slept a little later than i meant to. but at 9:30 I was up and about, and getting my stuff packed to take off. By 10 I was to Chris’ place and helping him pack up his room and car since his contract with his apartment was up. By 10:30 we were done and headed to the car to pray and leave. A quick gas stop and we were on the fifteen by 10:45. The weather was still pleasantly cool but it promised to be hot. Chris told me that he hadn’t slept that night, so I told him that he should sleep as we drove. We listened to bright eyes and made the all familiar journey north. Chris soon feel asleep and I drove on listening to the music. Leaving town is always a good feeling, there is a mystery in the road, and even if the trip doesn’t go right, at least you got away for a couple of days. Once we got to salt lake, I made a turn I never before had, west on interstate eighty towards Reno. And not just toward but to. We knew that Hawkins was a little delayed, but he was supposed to get home on Wednesday, so we figured he would be there by the time that we got there. I pointed her at about eighty and just swept along the desert, the smog started to clear out as we headed west, but it took longer than I had expected it to, the pollution gets trapped against the mountains and doesn’t blow out like it does in Colorado, and it just goes creeping across the plains like an old cowboy until a big storm comes through to blow it out. We were almost to the great salt lake by the time the skies were clean blue again. Our disdain for the atmosphere that sustains our life is fairly callous, I think, but I still drive across the country for a weekend, so who am I to talk. I don’t remember ever having seen the Great Salt Lake in person. I’m sure that I have, maybe as a kid, but I can’t remember. It’s true what Kerouac said, Salt Lake was the least likely birthplace of a Dean Moriarty. The road opens up into salt flats and strange stagnant pools a mile long and fifteen feet wide. The elevated roads, two lanes in each direction, are separated by poison salt water and surrounded as though crossing a narrow sea the long way. We cut right through the hundred and few miles to the Utah-Nevada border, and got to Wendover. With the heat and the windows down, we didn’t talk much except for music suggestions once Chris woke up, but we both could feel the heat of the desert coming on, and the anxiety of a new destination neither of us had visited in our cognizant years. I seem to have a vague memory of my mom putting quarters into a slot machine at Circus Circus in Reno to teach us some sort of lesson on the waste of gambling. We meant to stop for lunch in Wendover since we hadn’t eaten, and I was on the lookout for the right exit as we drove past the only exit that leads to downtown Wendover, so I used an emergency vehicle turnaround to get back to the exit and steer us to McDonalds. Skyler called to tell me to be neat when I moved into the house, I needed to be neat, I agreed. We got our food to go and ate in the car as we swept across the desert, the car was a gold ninety one ford, eighty one thousand miles on the clock. The air conditioning doesn’t work for one reason or another, and across the desert we skimmed with the windows down and the wind in our hair, the radio turned all the way up to drown out the wind. After Wendover we kept on until Elko, where we stopped to get gas at 3.25 a gallon. It didn’t seem fair to have to pay so much for gas, I could recall when it was less than a dollar all over the US. I recently finished reading the jungle, by Upton Sinclair, and much of what I do is shaded by that, I think of the cost of what we eat and the people that make it. We drove across the rest of the big desert uneventfully, Chris fell asleep again, and I sped up a bit, we were averaging twenty five miles per gallon and feeling fine. Hunter S. Thompson wrote about crossing the country to discover the American dream on drugs, Johnny Depp made a movie about it but I think that it is a lot more interesting lucid than impeded like a man on ether is. At about four thirty I called the number that I had for the Hawkins and got an answering machine, two minutes later my phone rang and it was Lyn Hawkins to tell me they had just picked David up at the airport, and he was in the shower. We were a hundred and twenty miles out or so, but I talked to Hawkins and he has a funny accent but was excited. We drove on with renewed vigor, crossing the desert that didn’t seem to end. Reno would have to come out of nowhere, because it has no suburban sprawl the way that towns like Phoenix do, when you know that you are coming up on the city when you are twenty miles away still. We crested a hill and saw Sparks, Reno’s sister city, and Reno, I suppose. It isn’t huge or as gaudy as Vegas, but it still has that Nevada feel, just a little outside morality. The sun stayed above us the whole time and we were sweaty and sunburned in strange ways by the time we got to Reno. We got off the highway just 13 miles before the California border, which would have to be the finish line for a different trip.


there are several things in my life right now that are highly bloggable. number one, the use of the term bloggable.

second, the ski season is almost over. it has been hands down the best winter that I have ever had, and I have skied more than eighty days. that is a new record for me, and i've loved the people that I have met and the things I have experienced and learned. and the goggle tan that i have.

third, living in a house on a large parcel of land as spring begins to show itself.

exhibit a: bulbs breaking the ground near the driveway

exhibit b: plants sprouting pretty green buds

fourth, school season is almost back. that means books and pencils and notes and lectures, lunches and days off and lazy afternoons and evenings, and it means summertime dance parties, outdoors and in, and all the funny that goes with them.

we've also set up the hammock and tomorrow i want to do some yard work, but we will see if the weather cooperates. either way, it should be quite bloggable.