do what you like.

this is a sticker that i saw and i think is a good philosophy for life. another philosophy to which i subscribe is that everything is great as long as it doesn't hurt somebody. for example, tornadoes. another example, boogers. i was driving my car and looked in the rearview to see the white lines disappearing behind me, a window to the past as i looked forward. the sun was coming down over the wasatch front, and i was moving sixty miles an hour forward. i do what i like, and it's great.

i love being outside, it's one of the greatest things that a human can do. i love john muir and everything he says about the rejuvenating effects of nature. the air, the trees, the open sky. high cirrus clouds and blue sky do more for the soul than any medication ever could. road trips are an extension of that, i think. you get to travel through nature, often radically different states thereof, from mountain to valley, desert to mountain, coast to plain, and appreciate the wondrous world. the change, like the change of the season, coupled with the anticipation of the trip, and the open state of the mind all combine for something good.




i think that it is worrisome that people care so much about sports and so little about the world around them. not that it is terrible to care about sports, just that if you have to make a choice, i think that the world should win out. in other news i heard someone use the term zero-sum game in a completely inappropriate sense, and i wanted to correct them but i am trying to be less pretentious so i didn't.

not eating meat is a lot easier than being nice to everyone. you would think that self control would extend to all aspects of life, but it seems that some types are different than others. i think that strengths we build, like the muscles in our body, are all much more differentiated than we suspect. the emotional strength to be faithful in a marriage is different from the strength to be faithful in the church is different from the strength to avoid certain mistakes.


daring to hope

i had never been inspired by a politician until i read "the audacity of hope."
i really like this guy, not to be overly political three posts in a row, but it's something that I care about


looks like it will be 14-10

change is in the air