#1 merry christmas

#2 For some great reason I love terrible mainstream hip-hop like Bubba Sparxxx and T-Pain. It's just so catchy and fun to dance to. As much as I love Justice I just can't compare it to "The Way I Are." I went and saw Juno. It was poignant and very funny and very well acted and very well shot. I have no complaints and will certainly buy it when it comes out on DVD. An Indie classic. I'm not pretentious enough about film to be able to do this one justice but I liked it a lot.

#3 In one trailer I heard both Regina Spektor and Justice. In the same session I heard Feist. The movie had two Belle and Sebastian songs. The world is quickly spiraling into an independent music abyss. I bet that in the next ten years or so what is considered "mainstream" will be an inch deep and a mile wide. The internet has been the best thing for musicians and the worst thing for record companies. Yeah, musicians can't make a billion dollars as easily, but they can make a thousand or ten thousand fans a lot faster. I would never have heard Regina without the internet, nor Justice, nor any of a hundred bands that I love. This week my iTunes library surpassed twenty gigabytes. That would be unfathomable 10 years ago. 3800 songs, maybe 300 albums, just thinking how much space that would take is mind bending.

#4 I wish people knew how to drive better.

Music is the new food.


finals week is library week
People are leaving town for good, the people I started college with are all finishing college (the girls at least). I have never been happier to get an A- in a class than I was to get one in Political Science 200. I whooped aloud, and that was fine. Even though I was in the library. Also lunch with Hawkins is always great. And my car broke. And I fixed it. And blogging.


it is true what you said

that i live like a hermit in my own head

I was looking through my music to try to figure out what i wanted to listen to, and I realized that just like comfort food, grilled cheese, mashed potatoes, chicken noodle soup, green bean casserole, there is comfort music. It's not too healthy, but it makes you feel better about life. Makes you feel warm inside and at home.

I walked down the stairs and saw two people sleeping against the wall, one's body mirroring the other. I don't think that they even knew one another, their common bond was that of the tired student. My comfort music is death cab for cutie for some reason.