do what you like.

this is a sticker that i saw and i think is a good philosophy for life. another philosophy to which i subscribe is that everything is great as long as it doesn't hurt somebody. for example, tornadoes. another example, boogers. i was driving my car and looked in the rearview to see the white lines disappearing behind me, a window to the past as i looked forward. the sun was coming down over the wasatch front, and i was moving sixty miles an hour forward. i do what i like, and it's great.

i love being outside, it's one of the greatest things that a human can do. i love john muir and everything he says about the rejuvenating effects of nature. the air, the trees, the open sky. high cirrus clouds and blue sky do more for the soul than any medication ever could. road trips are an extension of that, i think. you get to travel through nature, often radically different states thereof, from mountain to valley, desert to mountain, coast to plain, and appreciate the wondrous world. the change, like the change of the season, coupled with the anticipation of the trip, and the open state of the mind all combine for something good.



The Axeman said...

first time i've ever seen your blog. miss you. call my mom already. and me some time. we shall discuss vegetarianism, adaptation, alexander supertramp, barack obama, publius vergilius maro, and maybe something that you like.

Brittany said...

robby brill... the axeman made me want to look at your blog. welcome to the world of blogging. i like your blog. i blog too. blog buddies.
(i just wanted to see how many times i could say the word blog.)

Dave said...

boogers do hurt someone. always. no part of the body should have to be digged at.

Elizabeth said...

i went to john muir high school. it was ghetto.