dead in a skiing accident

i got a text this morning informing me that someone had a dream in which i died in a skiing accident. i found this interesting, because i think about dying in a skiing accident fairly regularly. when i am on the lift, or when i am skiing alone in trees, when no one knows that i am hiking a very tall mountain or that i am going to go down said mountain an a very high speed, i think "maybe i should record some last words, just in case." just in case i run into a tree, or get buried in an avalanche, or fall on my head, or any of a hundred real or imagined deadly situations that i confront a few times every week.

this seems morbid, but i am writing for this reason: this has changed the way that i live. since i started living this way, i try to make peace with everyone more quickly. i try harder to read my scriptures and pray, i try harder to make my relationships count, and i find it easier to avoid the pratfalls of my recent life. it's not as though i have improved overnight or am now the perfect iteration of me, but i feel better about this version of me.

i'm almost positive that i won't die in a skiing accident, but if i do, at least i've been trying a little harder.

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austinmcraig said...

Keep being better, and keep being safe. Don't die in a skiing accident. A lot of people would miss you.