i haven't blogged in a while. what a silly word.
music is my sister, music is my great granddaughter.
music is my beach house
music is my hometown
music's where i meet my friends

in park city today, i read thoreau, and thought "water really is the only drink for a wise man"

i wish that we could talk about it, but dear, that's the problem

we all sat silently around the table in the cafeteria. decorated in a rustic, mountain theme, it seemed like there should have been so much snow outside. at least enough to ski on. there wasn't. we were all organizing our thoughts, having been put on the spot to teach some skill or little trick. the neuroscience major volunteered first. i was second oldest, there was just one retired guy in his sixties there, vying for a free season pass. the rest were straight out of high school with the exception of a girl who had just graduated from UCSB. after the neuroscience major, the kid from arizona went. he taught how to do a push up, which seemed silly. nevertheless we dropped and each did one. i volunteered next. i remembered all the little tips and tricks from speech class. use an attention getter. ask questions. don't start with "um." don't say "um." speak slowly. watch for signs of interest and understanding.

"who here knows how to make a really rad paper airplane?"

nobody did. now they all do.

mine still flew the furthest.

and so it starts, you switch the engine on.