theoretical framework

i write words like these

"If a significant statistical relationship exists between education levels and incumbent support, I will conclude that citizens with lower levels of education are more likely to favor incumbents, most likely due to a susceptibility to name-recognition cues"

when i am on the clock.

I write words a lot like the ones that you have already seen in my spare time. I'm in the political science TA lab and should be asking for help but I don't like the TA that is working right now. Which means I write alone, and have my computer read my paper back to me. If you didn't know, that makes you a better writer. Or it makes your writing better. Or so they say. So it goes.

I've been surprisingly productive for the last few days. I have all but sold my contract, I will be in Park City on Monday to interview as a teacher, I've written a speech and a two thousand word research design. I've been to a constellation lab, not missed a class, and worked every day from eight to five. I don't think I have ever been this actively busy my whole life, other than as a missionary.

I wonder what being a grown up is like.


Natalie Jane said...

oh wow. you are a grown up.

im a baby who can't concentrate and do her research.
i can only write stories and in my journal. hmmmm.

maybe ill be productive soon.

oh and.
me lobe yoy long tim.

austinmcraig said...

What is all this business about teaching? I need to hear more, and clearly.