dear internet,

i'm watching adaptation, after having made and eaten two gardenburgers, and a bowl of ice cream. all very tasty. i play fast and loose with capitalization, and i think that everyone should. it's not so bad. capital letters are neat, but not nearly as similar to my soft spoken style as these sweet lowercase ones.

i also went to a chiropractor today. i think that he is maybe a quack. he cracked my back. i think that the good part was the massage to "warm me up." my back knuckles are sprained, he said. he got worried when he felt that my thoracic vertebrae 3-5 were compression fractured. it was a surprise to him. it was old news to me.

i don't know what an "adjustment" is, but i had one and now i am supposed to keep coming back indefinitely. i don't think that i will. i have enough expensive problems as it is.

money for nothing
chicks for free

maybe i need to write a song

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Natalie Jane said...

ive always wanted to go to a chiropractor too. but i didnt. and they probably are quacks. just have a friend crack your back. or a little japanese girl to walk on your back. that works too.