look at me, blogger extraordinaire. 

i skied with hawkins today. it was epic. words cannot describe the supreme quality and depth of snow, the incredibly blue sky, the fantastic sounds of nature and man in wonderful harmony. i have not smiled or laughed in such a way for many years. it was beautiful and wonderful and will live in my memory for many years. 

i got paid today, for the three days of work that i did before the end of last pay period. making more than ten dollars per hour is nice. so is working nearly full time. in a paycheck sense. working at doing the thing you most love in the world is also nice. today confirmed for me that skiing really is one of the things that i most love doing in the whole world. it's spiritual and physical and a connection with nature and friends and yourself that i can't clearly describe. i love it. 

living in a new house has its ups and downs. one of the ups is creating a tour that entertains people and is a lot of fun. i have a tour guide voice. i tell the same joke repeatedly. i tell children that snow guns produce the clouds that they see in their faraway southern states. i like life. i like friendships, and relationships, and arguments and dates and laughter and beautiful sights and beautiful ideas and beautiful souls. i love nature. 

i think that everyone needs to have a day that is like my today. a release of endorphins, a communion with nature, a renewal of life. 

i guess they call it affirmation

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austinmcraig said...

Glad we're friends, glad you're coming out of the blogging closet.