i am so unbelievably sorry. i made a promise, and then i didn't keep it. i feel awful. i haven't been bloggin every day. i haven't even been blogging every week. you've been coming here, hoping for something fresh and new, and you've been disappointed every time. maybe you were looking at your own blog and thought "oh, i'll just click on through to see if rob has written anything clever" (91.43% of the traffic here) or maybe you were just thinking of me. i disappointed you. every day for the last two weeks you have thought, just a little bit "darn, nothing." even if you didn't know you were thinking it. well now there's nothing here but an apology for not writing anything. i don't know if that is much better, but i hope it is. 

i'm fascinated by sunglasses. i want to own one hundred pair. even if they were all cheap ones from places like urban outfitters and target. the bigger the better. 

i went to seattle this weekend and took 128 photographs on chemical film. i'm going to write a great story about the trip on my other blog, the one that i said would just be about trips. it's triplogblog.blogspot.com

as dp would say, 
you're the best. 
keep coming back, i'll try not to disappoint you so often. 


Brittany said...

um, i can't wait to see those pictures.

D Smith said...

I got a trip blog post if you want it.

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CHUNTZ said...

Once upon a time there was a blog writer just like yourself...people loved her blog so much and they asked her to write the movie Juno. When youre famous dont forget the small people like me...Oh and "Chuntz" would make a hit as a movie title....pray about it!