"Then make sure to calculate the two tailed sigma value to evaluate statistical significance."

I think that I find out the most interesting words in the world when I am studying at college. Two-tailed. Statistical Significance. What alliteration. For all the talk of professional language and straightforward technical writing, we still sneak some alliteration in there. Don't use jargon, but then again, don't be boring either. Write professional prose.

I'm ditching work to review statistics. Now I have to go back to work, even though I don't have anything to do until I get another set of videos to watch. So I will sit, and talk, and surf. I've become a stickler for correct writing. Poor comma usage and misplaced or dangling modifiers pop out of the page to annoy me, especially in writing that purports to be professional.

I sold my contract. Harold is letting me live rent-free at the condo. It is snowing in the mountains. I'm going skiing on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. I am going to have a job doing something great.

song lyrics can't describe my feelings right now

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Natalie Jane said...

I thought of a lyric that fits:
"feeling that gingerbread feeling" It's the song from Home Alone. haha. I secretly just wanted to put a Home Alone quote in there. We need to watch that. Also. im glad your happy and love big words and there meaning. (hahaha did that sentence make you insane? i cringed typing it.)