a new look

i thought that my idea about the hipster cookie cutter was pretty funny, hope that you did too. i was tired of the old look, so i've upgraded to something a little simpler, and a little bit more classy. 

in keeping with my ideas from the last post, let me tell you about american apparel and urban outfitters. 

the two stores generally make appearances together. while they are not neighbors, they are most often within a few (maybe ten) blocks of each other. both appeal to the same demographic, though AA tries to be more discreet about it. urban outfitters is the one place that tegan can go and be a celebrity, and aa is the place for cool dads. 95% of shoppers at these two stores are college students, so naturally, they are all within spitting distance of a college. four examples: pearl st. in boulder, the u district in washington, trolley square in salt lake, and on university in tempe. the executives who run these stores know that their shoppers don't like to be marketed to, so they do little overt marketing. they're much more astute than they seem. i love american apparel v necks and urban outfitters $15 goofy sunglasses. 

i'm going to skip lenses for now

light blue and tan is most probably the best color combination since colors were invented. perhaps it is because the sky contrasted with a field at harvest time creates the same combination, but it looks stellar on a human body. more people, including myself, should wear this combination, paint our cars and houses this combination, and visit places that have this combination. it's awesome. 

i've got lots more blogmunition. visit the triplogblog if you want to learn about our trip to washington, from several perspectives. 


Michelle and Tyler said...

Rob...I miss you! I'm so glad I found your blog! Reading all of your random thoughts and ideas makes me smile!

austinmcraig said...

You'll ace summer, and do well on the foreign service exam. Good luck, keep bloggin'.