big fish, little pond

item one: i'm a buy you some strang is one of the funniest songs i have ever sang

item two: midnight is the best time to blog because you are certain to write something completely silly, and will most likely throw the rules of capitalization right out the window. 

item three: my triplog blog is on lockdown right now, google thinks that i am using it to distribute space age meat. they are wholly incorrect. so excuse me for not having poste about seattle there yet. 

item four: i scanned about fifteen of the seattle pictures before dave came over to play with ableton live. he made some pretty sweet beats, but i fell asleep in the sunday afternoon warmth. my nose is running like a faucet, but the warm weather is so great that i have no allergy complaints yet. in about a month i will be wishing with all my heart that it could be winter again. 

i have some ideas to blog about, here they are so that nobody else blogs about them first

a. urban oufitters/american apparel target demographic and store location
b. 50mm lenses
c. light blue and tan
d. long term storage and its effects on both hearts and ski equipment
e. cha cha (this is a real thing not a space filler)
f. livejournals, and their influence on the current blogging culture
g. sun-bleaching of my hair
h. curb chipping
i. curb painting
j. driving stuff around
k. going to seattle, but this will be on the triplogblog once it is freed from the google brig. 

do u have any ideas of things i should blog abt?

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