there are several things in my life right now that are highly bloggable. number one, the use of the term bloggable.

second, the ski season is almost over. it has been hands down the best winter that I have ever had, and I have skied more than eighty days. that is a new record for me, and i've loved the people that I have met and the things I have experienced and learned. and the goggle tan that i have.

third, living in a house on a large parcel of land as spring begins to show itself.

exhibit a: bulbs breaking the ground near the driveway

exhibit b: plants sprouting pretty green buds

fourth, school season is almost back. that means books and pencils and notes and lectures, lunches and days off and lazy afternoons and evenings, and it means summertime dance parties, outdoors and in, and all the funny that goes with them.

we've also set up the hammock and tomorrow i want to do some yard work, but we will see if the weather cooperates. either way, it should be quite bloggable.

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