oh, it's tunesday again!

hey thanks for coming to my blog, i really appreciate it. i hope you are enjoying it as much as i am. before i begin this post, here are a few important questions:

was nineties radio rock as good as it seems now, or is it just nostalgia? here is a list of several songs that were very popular in their time, when you read the names did you want to hear the songs?

matchbox 20- push
tonic- if you could only see
nada surf- popular
the wallflowers- one headlight
the verve pipe- the freshmen
blur- song 2
the mighty mighty bosstones- the impression that i get
sugar ray- fly
harvey danger- flagpole sitta
natalie imbruglia- torn
duncan shiek- barely breathing
foo fighters- everlong

if you do want to hear them i will post them on my blog for you to enjoy

to introduce you to a band that i really like, their name is cut copy, and they are highly bloggable. i don't know their lead singer like i do the guy from last tunesday but that does not inhibit the amount that i like them. here are some reasons that i like cut copy

  • they sound like they are from the eighties but not in a sucky way
  • they have synthesizers and drum machines and know how to use them
  • they have really great album art

  • they are fun, and will probably be pretty famous real soon

listen to that track ok, i like summer a lot

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Marni said...

I like cut copy, i'll have to hear more, I also like blur's song 2, not just nostalgia, it is great music