weekend warrior, the conclusion

we watched ratatouille on saturday night before 

on sunday we went to sacrament meeting with my dad and stepmom. it's strange only now to realize that the occasions that warrant my saying "my parents" are very few and far between. the last one was when i got home from my mission. the next and possibly last one will be when i get married. that's for another time though. we got to the chapel as the sacrament hymn was being sung by the congregation. i was glad that i wouldn't miss the sacrament after having missed it in moab by being in the foyer. it was quantitatively the most boring meeting that i have ever attended. we left after sunday school in order to get to my mom's for lunch. the food was good as well as the company, but we hit the road in order to spend as little time as possible driving in the dark. 

as we climbed into the rockies i felt frustrated at being forced to move again, for the sixth time since i got home from brazil. for the first time in my life, i felt a strong desire to just settle down. my mood improved as we drove however, the weather and the experience allowing me to lighten up. when we passed grand junction the wind started to pick up, slowing the car down as we drove into it, head on. cresting the hills that separate utah and colorado, it seems that gauze had been pulled over the landscape. dust, picked up by the high winds, made a sort of desert haze that 
thickened as we descended into the valley toward green river. 

we couldn't resist stopping in thompson springs again to take spooky pictures of the thick dust's effect on the town. i drove on, and soon we were descending the canyon once again, seeing the lights of utah valley swing into and out of view as we curved along the turns. i didn't really have a place to stay, so i called hawkins, but i knew it would all work out, and soon i would be enjoying another utah summer.

whew, glad  that is over. i am going to start a triblog( tripblog) and anyone who wants to write trip reports will be invited to contribute, otherwise i'll just post mine there, so that they don't clog up this blog. thanks for reading


Elizabeth said...

rob, i hate to be so critical, but i think it was actually qualitatively the most boring meeting that you have been to. not quantitatively.
so i'm sad i didn't get to see you in the lab anymore. i'm going home for the summer. good luck with school.

Rob said...

in this case i am using the word "quantitatively" interchangeably with the word "measurably" as is deemed acceptable by the oxford english dictionary