which means you get it when i'm around

a rough draft

at around two o'clock i was in the locker room, packing my locker and thinking about everything that i had done and learned over the course of the season. the people i had met, the days of deep snow, the changes that were coming. randy showed up and i made the decision to go south, in search of warm weather and new friendships. we made slow progress toward salt lake city, not due to traffic but rather to stops. when we got to the house, i immediately left to buy a shirt that i would wear for the rest of the trip. being in a hurry was silly, we wouldn't leave until almost six o'clock. 

when i returned to randy's he was about packed up and was loading the car. we went to REI and returned some used camping gear and headed for vicki's house, but they weren't quite ready. Randy drove to smith's for groceries, and he was hungry, so we wandered around the store for about half an hour until we had a hodgepodge of breakfast foods and drinks for the trip and moab meals. when we arrived at vicki's again they were impatient to leave though they hadn't been ready to begin with. we piled into cars with little extra space and hit the highway. traffic was bad through the city, but soon enough we were in provo and picking up more people and things. 

i called cory from lehi and asked him to bring me shorts and sunglasses. he met us in a church parking lot where we were getting more people and was headed to spanish fork in a hurry. i hadn't met anyone but randy until that afternoon. tr was in the car with us from salt lake and we picked up mary and crystal in orem. randy drove with little haste to south provo and we met john and jill, transferred the largest, heaviest gear to their mini-minivan and were ready for the road. we still had to stop at the springville wal-mart for some reason, but after that it was smooth sailing until price.

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