oh so clever, tuesday will be a day for music blogging. because i have never blogged about them, this tuesday will be about the kid-you-nauts. everyone knows that i love david hawkins, and i love his music. i'll give a few reasons

  • it's carefree, much like college and summer
  • davey and his friends are great performers.This doesn't have to do with musical talent(which they have) as much as showmanship. on stage they have a lot of energy, and they don't care who sees it. it's refreshing to see them and how not self conscious they manage to be. there is no "uh, this next song is" or "i wrote this song about" or "this is a new song." they play their hearts out and it's a performance that you can get into.
  • there is an accordion involved
  • there are bass solos
  • the lyrics are unapologetic and may seem childish at times, but then grow up very suddenly. the contrast is refreshing.

here is a song

the kid you nauts - don't snack on my cheese

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