weekend warrior, pt. deux

my mom was surprised to see us, i had told her two nights before that i wouldn't be visiting colorado during the gap between the end of ski season and the start of classes. i hadn't been planning it then. she was happy to see me, though and had a lot to talk about and worry about. i texted mike drennan to see what he was doing, i knew he was in denver but would most likely be in bars all weekend, and with the weather how it was i didn't want to be inside more than i had to. at my mom's i soon got restless and we decided to go get ice cream and a movie to bring back to the house. we picked up ice cream on sale, i had left my wallet in the car so brittany picked up the bill for it. across the parking lot, blockbuster had posted signs advertising the release of juno, which neither of us had seen since christmas time. it seemed a good choice, light and fun, in the spirit of the trip. 

getting back to the house, i scooped ice cream into big bowls and turned on the movie. my mom laughed harder than i had expected her to, and i enjoyed the movie as much as i had the first time. afterward i went to my room, preserved with all of my things on shelves and the same furniture that i assembled eight years ago. i'm not sure why my mom always keeps a room for me. i think it may just be an external expression of her desire for me to move home and help her out. i don't think that will work out. 

saturday i woke up to the sun on my face, i had forgotten to close the blinds when i went to bed. i rolled around for a few minutes, hoping to fall asleep again but it wasn't to be. i stood up and stretched in the sun, feeling its warmth on my face and neck, happy to be alive. soon i had showered and was ready for the day, so we left the house to get breakfast in louisville before going to boulder for the morning. i had forgotten how happy pearl street is on a warm april morning. street musicians and performers abounded, a guy selling veggie hot dogs sat in the shade, and we walked, taking pictures and making jokes about hipster heaven. my mom went into one store, and britt and i continued exploring the shops that advertised themselves as "locally owned" and "free trade." 

at noon or so we all met and walked east on pearl until the walking mall ended, and kept on, looking into the same small shops selling arts and craft and bicycles. i sat on a bench in front of a pharmacy and felt like the world was a wonderful place to live, regardless of current problems. it felt good to breathe deeply and relax after stress from work and money and everything else in the world. i realized that we had only paid for two hours of parking and needed to go back to the car, about eight blocks away. we left pearl and walked up spruce to avoid dawdling. i was relieved when i saw that nothing was on the windshield, and felt a little silly for hurrying when i saw that we had forty five minutes left on the meter. mom put the top down and we headed for the lunch.

whole foods in boulder is probably the most legitimately granola store in the united states. from the employees to the customers, dreadlocks and patchouli abound. the deli has as many tofu items as meat ones, and the tofu ones seem prepared with a bit more love. we ate lunch and drank virgil's root beer, feeling slightly on display as all the customers walked past the tables. 

sunday will be a wednesday blog. oh and since it is tunesday, you really should listen to dj never forget. 


dedicate 40mb or so of your hard drive to this mix, you won't regret it. 

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