this post actually doesn't exist in the space time continuum

blogging about blogging. this actually is proven by science and charts to cause the internet, the blog on which it is written, and all nearby neighborhood blogs to fold in on themselves and collapse into what is tentatively being called a "BLOGK HOLE." 

why do i think that blogging is so great? because it makes me think that my ideas have value. and that value is for me personally. it's not tangible, but simply a happiness i feel to see that people read my blog and read others' blogs. lots of things in life are highly bloggable, and not just bloggable but talkable and awesome and i am glad that people write down the things that they think are interesting for the whole internet to see.  i think it is interesting that i type only 51 words per minute according to a test that i took on this here internet. that may not be interesting to anyone else but maybe it is. that is why blogging is so important. that one guy who thinks that my typing speed is important is now satiated. all thanks to this little marvel of technology.

and just to start the chain reaction, here is a picture of my blog...ON MY BLOG


Brittany said...

haha. i liked this post. someday i will blog about blogging and see it a chain reaction occurs.

Todd Utterback said...

oh my blog, that felt like i was falling through a rip in the space time continuum....I especially like the picture