weekend warrior, pt. trois

on saturday afternoon we drove to thornton, taking the tollway. i handed my cup of change to brittany and asked her to pick out change to pay the tolls through to thornton. after a few seconds she squeaked and grabbed her finger, i had forgotten to tell her that there were some razor blades that i had put into the cup for lack of a better storage locale. we both laughed and she had a little cut on her index finger that she would use later in the trip to make fun of me. it took much less time than i had thought to get to my dad's. 

my dad and gail welcomed us to the house and worried if i still liked chinese food since i had become a vegetarian. i allayed his fears and we set off for

 "united chinese restaurant 
n sushi"

just a few blocks from my dad's house in thornton, a town which doesn't really have a downtown. the food was good at the restaurant and the fortune cookies were vaguely mean spirited. brittany's read "if it seems that the fates are against you today, they probably are" which i thought was more of a misfortune cookie. after the united food, we chatted and felt the cool of the air conditioning in the back of the room. i suddenly wanted ice cream. the weather that day was so warm and pleasant that it just felt like the right thing to do. on the way to the ice cream place i remembered that i had left my windows down and my laptop sitting on top of everything that i own in the backseat. i didn't worry much, it's not as though the car was downtown. i got a large serving of sweet cream with blueberries and ate it all up, though i had already eaten a lot at the chinese place. it felt good to be out of town, good to relax, good to eat ice cream. 

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Brittany said...

you forgot to mention the big bowls of ice cream we had at your mom's house BEFORE the chinese food and ice cream. i will miss united chinese restaurant n sushi.